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Coaching Workshops

Our coaching workshops have been carefully collated using feedback from previous events so expect some special twists and new ideas courtesy of the WCS community layered on top of the favourites you just can't get enough of. The aim for every workshop is to develop and inspire your personal climbing, providing you with as much insight as possible within the one-hour time slot. Climbing is for every body, and whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned climber our expert coaches are here to support and guide you.

This year we have eight different workshops to choose from; your ticket provides you with the time and opportunity to attend two coaching workshops. Take a look below for more information about the workshops we have on offer this year, and the exceptional coaching team we have supporting you.

IMPORTANT: This year you will submit your coaching workshop requests a few weeks before the event. Before doing so, please take some time to familiarise yourself with the programme and read about each of the available focus talks and the inspiring women hosting them.


FRIDAY 10 nov



with Katherine Schirrmacher

SUNDAY 12 nov

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-29 at 13.41.24.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-29 at 13.41.24.jpeg

with Esther Foster 


Click on the links below for more information about each of our coaching workshops and the inspirational coaches that are delivering them, or scroll on down to see them all!

    Bouldering falls - it’s a skill not an accident! Xian Goh | Climbing Coach

    Techniques to manage worry, fear and anxiety on rock Rebecca Williams | Climbing Psychologist

    Dynamic Climbing Be Baldwin-Fuller & Gracie Martin | Climbing Coaches

    Fancy Footwork Ayesha Khan | Climbing Coach

    Slab Skills Katherine Schirrmacher | Climbing Coach

    Hips don't lie! Suzan Dudink | Climbing Coach

    Steep Climbing Jemma Powell | Climbing Coach

bouldering falls - it's a skill not an accident!
WITH Xian goh (SHE/HER)

The first step to bouldering well is falling well. If we are reluctant to fall, chances are we will be hesitant to try new movements, experiment with body positions, or give it our best effort. All of which are essential for learning! But, of course, big falls are scary and there’s always a chance we can get hurt. Going big and staying safe requires systematic preparation, and that is what this workshop is about.
Learn why falling is a skill and how to develop it, improve your falling technique, match risks to your individual ability, choose your own boundaries, and move more decisively.


Xian is a climbing coach whose practical approach has helped many climbers achieve their goals, dream bigger, and most importantly have fun along the way! Xian’s coaching is based on keeping things simple - build a deep understanding of the fundamentals, and develop easy-to-repeat habits that compound progress over time. Xian is part of The North Face Explorer Team and personal bests include competing at the World Cup, BBC finalist, Boulder 8A and Sport 8a.

techniques to manage worry, fear and anxiety on rock
with dr Rebecca williams (SHE/HER)

Finding yourself gripped mid route, or sweaty-palmed and stuttering the top out?!

Rising fear when you climb, lead, traverse or boulder can sap your joy for climbing. In this practical workshop, Rebecca will show you how to map out your anxiety cycle, and techniques to help you manage the symptoms. She’ll also walk you through how to engage with your discomfort zone and gradually lean in to working with your worry.


For over 20 years Dr Rebecca Williams has been coaching climbers on mental skills for climbing, working with hundreds of climbers every year on all aspects of their headgame to develop their confidence and improve their climbing psyche. A qualified Rock Climbing Instructor and author of Climb Smarter, Rebecca prides herself on being a psychologist first and foremost. In order to improve her clients climbing performance Rebecca makes psychological theory practical; utilising psychological formulations and evidence based techniques and tools, and adapting and applying the latest sports and clinical psychology research. Rebecca is also trained in a number of therapies and techniques including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and behavioural techniques such as exposure and systematic desensitisation, commonly used to help people with fears and phobias (e.g fear of falling). 


Get ready to bounce and jump around! Dynamic movement can seem wild, but it’s also really fun and very useful! With the right technique and a bit of practise you’ll be jumping further than you’ve ever imagined; maximising your momentum to dramatically extend your reach. In this workshop you'll learn how to use your legs and hips effectively and efficiently, becoming more confident, fluid and coordinated on dynamic moves. Get ready to fly!


Gracie Martin has been climbing for around 15 years. With a background in competition climbing, Gracie now works as a climbing coach and freelance route setter, setting all over the UK and beyond. A regular WCS coach, she's been coaching climbers of all ages and abilities for a number of years and loves being able to help people try harder than ever before to reach their climbing goals.

Be Baldwin-Fuller is a highly accomplished climber and coach. Having formerly ranked as one of the top 10 UK women in bouldering, Be also coached the GB Paraclimbing team to its greatest medal haul to date. It is in coaching where Be truly shines; understanding what it takes technically, physically and mentally to develop her clients to reach their potential and (most importantly) keeping things fun too. 

Want to know event more about Be? Of course you do! We sat down and had a chat with her... take a look.

WITH Ayesha khan (SHE/HER)

Heel hooks and toe these techniques seem difficult or under-used in your climbing toolbox? Join this workshop to expand your footwork repertoire. Footwork tricks like these provide you with opportunities to take weight off your arms, are useful in all styles of climbing, and can be particular game changers for short climbers! In learning how to make these footwork techniques really work for you, you'll gain the tools needed to figure out clever beta, create rest points mid-route, and make those strenuous moves feel that much easier.


Climbing for over 16 years, Ayesha Khan competed on the Youth Canadian National team for several years before turning her attentions to coaching, route setting and climbing outdoors - having had the incredible privilege of experiencing outdoor bouldering for the first time on the unceded territory of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation). Now living in the UK and still pursuing her outdoor climbing goals (supported by Moon Climbing and Beyond Hope), Ayesha has experienced firsthand the value of shifting focus from bagging grades to making progress and having fun.

IG: @eesh_kebab

slab skills
WITH Katherine schirrmacher  (SHE/HER)

Do tenuous slab moves fill you with dread?! Are you baffled by balancy moves?! This workshop will build up your skills and confidence on slabby terrain, helping you to improve your balance, commit to moves high up, and move better on insecure holds. 


Katherine Schirrmacher's years of experience in both personal climbing and climbing coaching and instruction have compounded her vast knowledge of technique, tactics and training. A former member of the British Bouldering Team and a former GB Climbing Team coach, Katherine is one of the top climbing coaches in the country; able to guide people from beginner through to improver and beyond. Her personal climbing has also seen her onsight Trad E5 and Sport 7c, and redpoint Trad E7, Sport 8a and Bouldering 7c. Beginners and advanced climbers alike will reap the benefits of Katherine's coaching expertise and inherent belief that we should all climb from a place of kindness and joy.

hips don't lie

You may have heard many climbers and coaches say that climbing is all about the hips...but what does that really mean?! Learn to use your body position and hip movement to make moves feel easier and more efficient, and gain confidence in moving between hard holds. 


Suzan (Suz) Dudink has been coaching in climbing and athletics for over 30 years: analysing what affects our movement and how we can change and control it is a fascination of hers. In 2009 she became one of the first woman to climb F8a+ boulder. In addition to being a highly in-demand climbing coach and route setter, Suzan also teaches Sport Psychology at Sunderland University and is currently conducting research into how our senses affect our movement. A regular Women's Climbing Symposium coach, Suzan describes WCS:"as one of the best coaching days in the year... I'm honoured and excited to be part of it again this year."

WITH Jemma powell (SHE/HER)

How to make steep climbing feel easier... who wouldn't love that? 
Whether you feel like steeper walls are your weakness or you're simply looking to gain tips and techniques to develop in this area, we'll be exploring the best techniques for climbing at an angle and help you to move more efficiently and easily on steeper terrain. 


Jemma Powell has over 25 years of climbing experience, having spent 10 years competing internationally for GB Climbing, as well as becoming British Champion for five consecutive years and achieving several international podium places. Currently working as a climbing coach for Lattice Training, Jemma has worked with intermediate to elite level athletes from around the world. With a Masters Degree in Applied Sports Science, Jemma also completed experimental research into the impact that performance pressure can have on sporting performance through attentional losses and impaired problem solving. | IG: @pow.coaching

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