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Foundation Coach

 LEAD CLIMBING:  Reducing stress 


​Sunday 12th November | 10:00 - 15:00

Awesome Walls, Liverpool

only 6 spaces available


* You will also need to pay for your wall entry on the day 

Does the thought of falling consume your mind when you’re lead climbing?!

Do you feel like you’re often tense and stressed when climbing?!

This workshop will help you to make your lead climbing a more enjoyable, fun experience, become more comfortable with falling, and feel less stressed on the wall or rock. 

There will be two main elements to the day: 

Fall practice: How to practise in a way which really works, and makes falling feel more familiar, less scary and actually even fun! There will be a gradual approach to working with your fears, learning to notice and manage stressed and anxious behaviours that we have often inadvertently reinforced. 


Focus and tension: We'll look at practical ways to reduce tension, focus your mind, feel like you can enjoy your climbing more and ultimately perform better. You'll gain key takeaways to practise that will make a difference to both indoor and outdoor lead climbing. 


 who is this for

This workshop is part of WCS23 and is open to any adult women to attend. You don't have to have attended the main WCS event the day before.


 experience needed 

You must already be a competent lead climber indoors, and be able to competently lead belay. Although Esther will be able to give you tips on dynamic belaying and safety, you will be expected to be an independent indoor climber to get the most out of this workshop. Your climbing grade doesn't matter, and this workshop will be suitable for a variety of grades. 


 about Esther 

Esther is one of the WCS directors, has coached at many previous WCS events, and is a qualified Development Coach as well as an MCI. She coaches both indoors and outdoors, and is particularly passionate about helping people to enjoy their climbing more, improve their headgame, and get the most out of trad , sport, bouldering or indoor climbing. 



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