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Foundation Coach


WITH Katherine schirrmacher

​Friday 10th November | 12:00 - 19:00

Awesome Walls, Liverpool

only 8 spaces available

£FREE* (normally £85) 

*This course is free to attend, however there are some costs participants will still need to cover:​

  • In order to attend this course you must have registered for the Coaching Scheme, which involves a one off fee of £49 and covers you for all future coaching scheme courses and assessments. 

  • You need to pay for your wall entry on the day of the course

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This Mountain Training Foundation Coach training course is for women and non-binary individuals.  Mountain Training wish to support and encourage more diversity in coaching and leadership positions within our sport, and are funding the course fee.  You do not need to be attending the WCS to attend. 


This is the first course in the Coaching Scheme Awards.  It teaches the softer skills involved in coaching including as listening, questioning, observing, planning and reviewing: a great basis for anyone in a coaching or teaching role.  It also includes:

  • Observation skills; developing a systematic approach, positioning

  • A model for good delivery: demos and explanations

  • Giving feedback

  • Designing a session plan

  • Reviewing sessions


Katherine Schirrmacher's years of experience in both personal climbing and climbing coaching and instruction have compounded her vast knowledge of technique, tactics and training. A former  member of the British Bouldering Team and a former GB Climbing Team coach, Katherine is one of the top climbing coaches in the country; able to guide people from beginner through to improver and beyond. Her personal climbing has also seen her onsight Trad E5 and Sport 7c, and redpoint Trad E7, Sport 8a and Bouldering 7c. Beginners and advanced climbers alike will reap the benefits of Katherine's coaching expertise and inherent belief that we should all climb from a place of kindness and joy.





This qualification is designed to enable coaches to be more effective in coaching the fundamental movement skills of climbing. To get started you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have a genuine interest in climbing and the coaching of groups on climbing walls.

  • Have at least six months experience of climbing on a variety of climbing walls.

  • Be at least sixteen years of age at the date of registration.

  • Be a member of a mountaineering council (BMC, Mountaineering Ireland, Mountaineering Scotland). If you are a member of a club that is affiliated (do check) that will also work!

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