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We have 3 fantastic sessions for you to attend at WCSx Reading!


Delivered by 5 top-level coaches, these workshops are all designed to help you 'Expand' your climbing.


Click on the links below for information about each of the sessions or scroll down the page to read about them all.

    Connecting the whole chain Be Fuller and Holly Peristiani | Climbing Coaches

    Extending joint strength and control Faye Colaço | Personal Trainer and Massage        


Session 1 WCSx

Just can’t get yourself to stand up on that tiny foothold?! Mental blocks when it comes to those nervy, snatchy moves? Find it much harder to commit to moves high up? These are common themes for all levels of climbers, and are skills that take time and effort to develop. This workshop will look at how to develop these skills, and build manageable progressions so that you gain confidence and don’t keep avoiding the same moves. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to push yourself in a way that works, and build confidence in choosing the right level of risk and challenge for yourself.

Xian is a climbing coach whose practical approach has helped many climbers achieve their goals, dream bigger, and most importantly have fun along the way! Xian’s coaching is based on keeping things simple - build a deep understanding of the fundamentals, and develop easy-to-repeat habits that compound progress over time. Xian is part of The North Face Explorer Team and personal bests include competing at the World Cup, BBC finalist, Boulder 8A and Sport 8a.


Tori Taylor-Roberts has an abundance of energy and motivation for exploring and coaching in the outdoors. A qualified teacher specialising in Outdoor Adventure and Education, Tori now focuses primarily on climbing coaching and instruction, using both indoor and outdoor venues to facilitate client development in their sport, trad or bouldering goals. Tori engages with clients on a 1:1 basis and runs regular climbing courses in the South West focusing on sport, trad and movement development - all with an emphasis on building self-believing, confident climbers.

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Session 2 WCSx
BE FULLER (SHE/HER) AND holly peristiani (SHE/HER)

Climbing efficiently is a lifelong skill, and a crucial component of climbing at all levels and disciplines. This workshop will focus on using your entire body to climb more efficiently and fluidly. Learn to connect your whole chain, use your hips and bigger muscles more effectively, move with just the right amount of tension, and feel super flowy on the wall!

Be Fuller is a highly accomplished climber and coach. Having formerly ranked as one of the top 10 UK women in bouldering, Be also coached the GB Paraclimbing team to its greatest medal haul to date. It is in coaching where Be truly shines; understanding what it takes technically, physically and mentally to develop her clients to reach their potential and (most importantly) keeping things fun too. 


Want to know event more about Be? Of course you do! We sat down and had a chat with her... take a look.

Holly is a Development Coach and Rock Climbing Development Instructor. She started climbing comparatively late in life, but quickly made up for lost time and has since coached a wide range of climbers indoors and outdoors, from beginner to 8a. She runs various climbing trips as well as weekly coaching of a women’s social indoors. Holly believes in the power of climbing to improve mental as well as physical health, and has training in mental health first aid. Holly is most at home on gritstone cracks, and will not miss an opportunity to tell anyone, whether they asked or not!​​

Session 3 WCSx
Expand your range: strength and mobility for climbers
Faye Colaço (SHE/HER)

Learn how to feel more connected to your body, build joint health, prevent injury, self-assess what areas are feeling ‘tight’ or restricted and how you can move up the wall without that creaky, clunky feeling.

This session for climbers of all levels will:

  • Improve joint health to climb till you're 80

  • Release tightness to feel agile and dance up the wall

  • Gain mobility for maximising your climbs

  • Help you isolate each joint and train it at end range to build strength and control​.

Faye is a personal trainer and massage therapist, with 8+ years of experience in the industry. Her coaching style is compassionate, enabling her to coach people of all ages and experience to push past limitations. 

Recently she has dialled into helping rock climbers move more smoothly to pre-empt aches and pain. Her aim is to encourage ongoing movement as we age, by building joints that work extremely well to be able to still climb in your 80s. | IG: strengthandflow

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