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A core aim of WCS is to connect, and we're encouraging all ticket holders to join the WCS: Connect Facebook Group. It's private and it's just yours - a WCS Team Member will be holding and monitoring the space to ensure that only WCSx ticket holders have access.

Not everyone traveling to WCSx will live in Reading, and not everyone will attend WCSx with a friend. So shout out where you are - it may be that someone is local and fancies meeting up for a climb in these next few weeks! Travelling over in your car? Why not see if anyone wants a ride - it's good for the environment and it's great for your bank account. 

Why not use this WCSx event to make yours and someone else's experience even better? After all, an experience shared is double the fun and you may even make a new climbing partner in the process.



​Saturday 14th September | 17:45 - 19:00

The Climbing Hangar, Reading

Why not stay after WCSx has finished for a social climb?

WCSx is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other local climbers, but a half-day event and a jam-packed schedule do minimise the space and time free for socialising. That's why we're including (and encouraging!) you to stick around for an optional 'Connect & Climb' session once all of the WCSx event sessions have ended. It's also a fabulous time to practice all those new tips and techniques while they're still fresh in your mind too AND a chance to enjoy the fantastic Climbing Hangar menu at a discounted price.


So, if you have a little more flexibility with your time then why not factor in a an extra hour after WCSx has finished so you can squeeze out even more from the event and Connect & Climb with other WCSx ticket-holders.

* Connect & Climb is free for all WCSx ticket-holders.


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