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Climbing injury prevention with Nina Tappin

Accredited sport physiotherapist and dedicated climber, Nina Tappin (RPT, BSCPT), has a special interest in injury prevention amongst children and females in sport. Nina is particularly interested in advising women who are pregnant, and/or recovering from birth on how to exercise, and climb safely. With a wealth of experience in treating rock climbers, university athletes, and general orthopaedic cases, Nina has treated some of Britain’s elite rock climbers, such as Hazel Findlay, Neil Gresham, Tim Emmett & Charlie Woodburn, alongside treating members of the GB lead climbing, and bouldering junior and senior team.

Nina has written articles for Rock & Ice, CLIMB magazine and on the UKClimbing website. She also teaches “Common Climbing Injuries & Injury Prevention” modules to climbers and instructors at various climbing walls. Here Nina brings her wealth of expertise for a webinar on: Climbing Injury Prevention

Learn more about Nina and her services (including climbing specialist physio consultations via Skype!) on:


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