Those of you on a Full Ticket will have some very exciting workshops to choose from this year, with five climbing technique workshops and five specialist workshops, all delivered by expert women coaches. 


Our programme has been carefully put together using your feedback from previous events. The aim for every session is to develop and inspire your personal climbing and give you as much insight as possible in the one-hour time slot. 

Climbing technique Workshops

Dynamic Climbing

Fancy learning how to exploit momentum and find your flow? Yes, we thought so! Moving well makes climbing so much easier. The coaches running this workshop are some of the best dynamic climbers we know and their understanding of movement is incredible. In this workshop they will show you how to move dynamically and fluidly, and is guaranteed to result in laughter and success!


Footwork is one aspect of climbing that we can all improve. But how? Well, there are many subtle techniques that can make a huge difference to your climbing! Using your feet effectively and efficiently can make climbing a lot easier. Knowing when to put a heel hook in and then using it well isn’t easy... not without help and guidance anyway. Our coaches are going to be teaching you all of the tricks that they know!

Power Endurance

Power Endurance training can be complex and often overwhelming. With so much information out there it’s difficult to know what is best for you. This workshop is designed for those who are willing to put the time in and who want to train hard to achieve their goals. This experience will give you the knowledge and tools to go away and send that project!

Slopers and Volumes

This may sound very specific, but slopers and volumes have been causing us problems for too long now! Let’s face it, they can be awkward and annoying at times, it isn't always easy to figure out how to climb on them and can sometimes feel like all your doing is falling off. So we’ve dedicated a workshop to these awkward nasties so you can get stuck in, learn some tips and get to grips with the holds that don’t seem holdable!

Steep Climbing

Are you someone that avoids climbing on steep ground? Do you shy away from the roof and the overhangs? Or maybe you love climbing on the steeper walls but you’d just like some tips and guidance? There are many tricks and techniques that you can use to make steep climbing easier, so turn up with an open mind and ready to try hard - this session will definitely provide a good workout for both your body and your brain!

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Crack Climbing

Last year we had a Crack Climbing Focus talk and it was a huge success, but it seemed that more people wanted to get stuck in and have a go. So this year we’ve got a Crack Climbing workshop run by two very competent crack climbers who are excited to teach you crack taping, footwork and jams, from finger to offwidth! 


Finger strength is vital for climbing success. Whether you already use a fingerboard or are just keen to get started, this session works for all. If you're a beginner we'll work on the basics of how and why to use a board. For those of you who already use one we'll look at making your training more beneficial, how to progress safely and effectively, and a plan for structuring your fingerboard training to meet your climbing goals. 


This workshop is going to be full of laughter! Mobility is something that often gets overlooked in climbing but by improving it we can make huge gains on the wall and in our training and prevent injury! If you’re up for some fun and ready to take on some challenges, this workshop is for you! It’s sure to get you thinking outside of the box and leave you with some new entertaining exercises to add into your warm up!

Strength and Conditioning

Our coaches have worked hard to create a strength and conditioning session for climbers of all abilities. If you are willing to spend some time training off the wall to improve your climbing on your project, then get yourself to this session so that you can find out how to go about making gains and doing it safely. Then smile as you start ticking off those goals!

Yoga for Climbers

This progressive Yin and Yang flow class is designed to build heat in the body, whilst also allowing space for introspection and self-study. The practice will include both dynamic movement and static holds, with a strong focus on the breath. The dynamic and active Yang principles embodied in the practice will build strength, stamina, and balance. The softer, more passive Yin elements of the session offers an invitation to be still, to sit at the edge of discomfort, observing the mind's responses and learning how to deal with both physical and mental stresses. Combining these Yin/Yang elements will leave the body satisfied and the mind calm. The postures are accessible to most people, with variations and alternatives offered as needed.

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