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 WCSx Liverpool: Train your brain 

Saturday 11th February 2023 | 09:00 - 13:00

The Climbing Hangar, Liverpool Matchworks 

What is WCSx?

For 2023 we want to make WCS more accessible to more people across the country. Featuring a shorter day and a smaller crowd, WCSx will provide members of the climbing community an opportunity to connect, develop and be inspired at their local walls.


These events are aimed at over 14s, and open to anyone of any gender.

What is the WCSx Liverpool theme?

Our theme for WCSx Liverpool is 'Train your Brain.'


Much of our climbing enjoyment and performance depends on our mind, and in our ability to control it. For example:

  • Do you get nervous when climbing in front of others?

  • Is your headgame preventing you from pushing your grade?

  • Do you lose focus when you feel under pressure to achieve?

There is so much to explore in this topic - it's huge - and we couldn't possibly cover it all, but by focusing WCSx Liverpool on training your brain we hope to provide you with some useful tools and techniques which can help enhance your climbing experience. 

Saturday's Programme



Your WCSx ticket includes:

  • 2x Coaching Workshops

  • 1x Focus Talk

  • 1x Plenary Q&A (hosted by Shauna Coxsey)

  • Plus: optional Connect & Climb social! Read more here.

Participants will rotate around the 3 sessions in a carousel format before coming together for the Plenary Q&A. You can read about each session's content, including a bio for the guest speaker/coach who is delivering it, here


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