We are always on the look out for super-psyched women to deliver headline and focus talks on a range of topics requested by the WCS community. We have an awesome set of speakers this year and can't wait to hear them!

Emma Twyford
I have been climbing from the age of 7 dipping into most areas and styles of climbing to try and be as good at everything as I can be. For the last 5 years I've made the leap into route setting and coaching, helping people to improve their technical and mental abilities. It's great to see people take on board this info and then put it to good use. To me it's about having fun and learning new skills all the time, which is why I push outside comfort zones as much as possible.
Nina Caprez
Abbie Robinson
Kate Bomphrey
Maddy Cope
Rebecca Williams
Rebecca Dent
Sam Leary
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