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WCS18 Headline Speaker: Anna Stöhr

Pro-climber Anna Stöhr standing in a climbing wall.

We are super psyched to announce Anna Stöhr as a headliner at this year's Women's Climbing Symposium at HarroWall.

Anna dominated the competition bouldering scene for a decade and is known for a devastating mix of power, technique, canniness and determination in her climbing. She is a double World Champion, double European Champion and has won the Overall Bouldering World Cup four times.

In recent years, Anna has taken her climbing journey in several new directions, pushing her outdoor grades bouldering 8B+ in Switzerland and USA in 2017, and skiing and climbing all over the world.

Anna says: "I am delighted to join the WCS18 team! A symposium to learn from and surround yourself with women in climbing - from masterclasses to lectures and workshops - sounds so exciting. I can't wait to experience it myself!"

Shauna Coxsey says: "It’s clear to anyone that meets Anna that her journey through climbing is one full of joy, adventure, excitement and love. Anna’s competition climbing career was one of dominance, her achievements on rock are phenomenal and to top it all off she’s a wonderful, lovely person. Not to mention that she is a qualified English teacher. I competed with Anna for many years. She was an inspiration and an idol of mine, she still is, and she became a good friend. Anna was a fierce, determined competitor on the wall however, off the wall she was supportive, kind and genuinely psyched for the success of her fellow competitors. I can not wait to hear her talk about her journey through our sport at the Women’s Climbing Symposium."

Eagle-eyed WCS17 attendees will see a neat tie-in from last year's event: Headliner Lynn Hill showed a clip of the 2011 film Outside the Box, in which Anna and fellow bouldering star Jule Wurm join Lynn for desert tower crack climbing in a thunderstorm...

Woman climber, Anna Stöhr, climbing outdoors.

Keep an eye on the website and social channels for further speaker and programme announcements in coming weeks.


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