As ever, we will have some very exciting workshops to choose from, all delivered by expert women coaches. 

Our programme has been carefully put together using your feedback from previous events so expect some special twists and new ideas for this year. The aim for every session is to develop and inspire your personal climbing and give you as much insight as possible in the one-hour time slot. 


Climbing is movement, but how do we move efficiently as climbers? Which parts of the body should initiate the movement? What factors affect our movement? How important is speed, balance and body position? This workshop will cover demos, drills and challenges to optimise your climbing movement patterns. 


Hooks and tricks

Looking for ways to rest mid-route, take power out of a sequence or to create more options for short person beta? Then perhaps you need to pull some tricks out of the box! Come and explore the dark arts of heel hooks, toe hooks, knee bars and hands free rests…


Head Game
  1. Practical ways to manage your climbing anxiety (AM only)

  2. Getting in the zone – concentration and focus (PM only)


Indoor climbing for outdoor climbers

This workshop is specifically for people that want to use indoor climbing facilities to improve their performance on rock. Perfect timing for the start of winter, we'll look at some of the best ways to maximise your time spent indoors, and how to develop crucial skills that really make the difference outdoors. Looking at what outdoor climbing demands of our decision making and movement skills, you'll leave with some clear ideas of how to make the biggest gains in your performance on rock using indoor climbing wall this winter. 

Master Nasty Handholds

Hate slopers? Avoid pinches? Don’t know how best to use volumes? Come along to this session to learn how to get a grip on nasty handholds, using your grip, body position and tension.


Strength and Conditioning

Want to build strength for pull-up or monkey bar style moves, or those super strong single leg stand-ups from rockovers? Need to build coordination to fire the right muscles at the right time? Join Shiggi for a climbing-specific strength and conditioning session working on locomotive patterns, static and dynamic hanging and some HIIT!


Dynamic Climbing

Time to jump around! It takes good technique and some practice to control these wild and energetic movements but once you’ve got the hang of it you can fly further than ever before! This workshop will help you to use your legs and hips efficiently, how to push off, move through the air, judge distances and latch that hold at a variety of angles. 



A highly practical session taking you on a journey from the crag base, to top (in multiple pitches) and back down again, all without leaving the floor! Focusing on best practice for building belays, managing multi pitch stance change overs and how to get out of trouble safely. Skills covered will include:

Size matters! Getting geeky with gear, the hierarchy and placement of protection. 

Rope Witchery: The science and subtleties of building ‘bombproof’ belays.

Swapping & Swinging: Safe and slick changeovers when Multi Pitching.

Tactical retreat. How to get out of there when it’s all gone Pete tong. 


Board Climbing

Always looked at that intimidating, unforgiving looking board in the back of the room and thought about getting on it, then backed off? Perhaps you’re even thinking about building one in your garage? This workshop will show you how to use the board to get the most out of it.  Learn how to find and work on your weaknesses and have the confidence to get on it even when someone stronger is having a session. Training boards are one of the best ways to build core tension, finger strength and power. Use one right and you’ll be climbing stronger in no time.


Climbing tactically

Want to improve your onsighting or comp skills? You can be as strong, as fit or as flexible as you like, but if you don’t make the right choices on the climb, things can change pretty fast. This practical workshop will help you make the right tactical decisions, including route reading, planning rests and comp style moves. Train your brain help your body make the most of every climb!