As ever, we will have some very exciting workshops to choose from, all delivered by expert women coaches. 

Our programme has been carefully put together using your feedback from previous events. The aim for every session is to develop and inspire your personal climbing and give you as much insight as possible in the one-hour time slot. 

Climbing Workshops


Footwork can be a massively overlooked area, but one that could dramatically improve your climbing as fast as your next attempt!  Efficient and creative footwork can massively improve your performance. In this workshop we’ll be looking at 3 different areas: Balance, Precision and Comp style.  Get ready to move slow, fast and not at all!

Slopers and volumes

Tackling slopers and volumes can be tricky. Let’s face it, they can be awkward and annoying at times - it isn't always easy to figure out how to climb on them and it can sometimes feel like all your doing is falling off. This sessions will go through how best to move on these weird and often minimal angles and shapes.Learn to get to grips with the holds that don’t seem holdable!

Steep Climbing

Is this your nemesis terrain? Do you always find your body is sagging away from the wall? Does that next hold just seem like flippin’ miles away on this angle? Or are you just hoping for some top tips on steep ground? Then please come along to this session! We will be looking at the best techniques for this angle, get ready to try hard!


Climbing is movement, but how can we move efficiently? Which parts of our body (should) initiate our movement? And are certain parts of the body more critical than than others? What factors affect our movement? How important is speed of movement? These questions and more will be covered in the movement workshop. Demos, drills and challenges will be used to show and learn how body-positioning effects our movement patterns in climbing.

Endurance (Afternoon only)

Do you ever find you struggle with the right type of endurance training? We’re here to break it down for you! In this session we’ll go through the different energy systems and what sort of training you want to be doing depending on the length of route. We’ll touch on both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, discuss briefly training max power but really focus on an cap and how to train power endurance for those short UK routes (that give you no rests) and also aero cap (which is perfect for training for those long Spanish style enduro routes). We’ll show you the right level to train at for these systems, the different methods and how to train efficiently if you're stuck for free time.

Dynamic Climbing

Get ready to bounce and jump around! Dynos can seem incredibly energetic and sometimes a bit wild but they're also so much fun and very useful too! With the right technique and a bit of practice you'll be jumping further than you've ever imagined. In this workshop you will learn how to use your legs and hips effectively and efficiently. How to push off, move in the air, judge distances and latch that hold on a variety of angles. Get ready to fly!

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Body Maintenance

Want to climb harder, stronger and for longer while reducing the risk of injury? Maybe you have been injured in the past and are keen to avoid further injury in the future? Are your warm ups a little too brief and your soft tissue maintenance non-existent? Want to learn about the importance of conditioning and how you can integrate antagonist work into your training? Then you need this workshop! We'll look at a few common climbing injuries and how they could be avoided, go through a conditioning programme that will support you in getting the most from your climbing and offer advice on soft tissue maintenance, including stretching and self-massage techniques.


Our core can often be the missing link. It can be that crucial part of the puzzle which allows us to send our project! People often think that core and conditioning have to be serious, but this session aims to break that idea down! Come along to push yourself and enjoy getting creative with exercises and games to turn some of the most daunting elements of training into the most fun. You will leave with plenty of ideas to create a core and stability routine that will help improve your climbing, and make you stronger - even when you can’t get to the wall. We might also be throwing in some Christmas-themed challenges….

Handstands (Morning only)

Good for working antagonist muscles to climbing, handstands are a brilliant addition to any training programme. We will focus on having fun upside down and exercises to help your shoulder flexibility and general core strength - helping you to keep strong and body aware. Open to all levels, from climbers who wish to start putting handstands into their climbing training as well as for climbers who already practice but would like to learn more about a good handstand line and get exercises to take it further.

Rope Work

A highly practical session taking you on a journey from the crag base, to top (in multiple pitches) and back down again, all without leaving the floor! Focusing on best practice for building belays, managing multi pitch stance change overs and how to get out of trouble safely. Skills covered will include:

Size matters! Getting geeky with gear, the hierarchy and placement of protection. 

Rope Witchery: The science and subtleties of building ‘bombproof’ belays.

Swapping & Swinging: Safe and slick changeovers when Multi Pitching.

Tactical retreat. How to get out of there when it’s all gone Pete tong. 

Head Games

A group discussion and problem solving session on psychology of climbing. We will tackle questions such as: What limits us most? How can we combat fear of falling? Is performance anxiety distracting us? How can we stay motivated? What's the key to staying focused? Please bring a pen and paper.


Strong fingers are known to be one essential for climbing hard! However, it can be difficult to know how to train this in a safe and effective way. This workshop will guide you through the potholes of training this area, some session plans (including deadhanging, weighted hangs, repeaters), how to maintain consistent progression and prevent injuries!

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