As ever, we will have some very exciting workshops to choose from, all delivered by expert women coaches. 

Our programme has been carefully put together using your feedback from previous events. The aim for every session is to develop and inspire your personal climbing and give you as much insight as possible in the one-hour time slot. 

Climbing Workshops


Footwork can be a massively overlooked area, but one that could dramatically improve your climbing as fast as your next attempt!  Efficient and creative footwork can massively improve your performance. In this workshop we’ll be looking at 3 different areas: Balance, Precision and Comp style.  Get ready to move slow, fast and not at all!


Join our expert coaches and get ready to bounce and jump around! Dynos can seem incredibly energetic and sometimes a bit wild but they're also so much fun and very useful too! With the right technique and a bit of practice you'll be jumping further than you've ever imagined. In this workshop you will learn how to use your legs and hips effectively and efficiently. How to push off, move in the air, judge distances and latch that hold on a variety of angles. Get ready to fly!

Steep Climbing

Are you someone that avoids climbing on steep ground? Do you shy away from the roof and the overhangs? Or maybe you love climbing on the steeper walls but you’d just like some tips and guidance? There are many tricks and techniques that you can use to make steep climbing easier, so turn up with an open mind and ready to try hard - this session will definitely provide a good workout for both your body and your brain!


Climbing is movement, but how can we move efficiently? Which parts of our body (should) initiate our movement? And are certain parts of the body more critical than than others? What factors affect our movement? How important is speed of movement? These questions and more will be covered in the movement workshop. Demos, drills and challenges will be used to show and learn how body-positioning effects our movement patterns in climbing.


Do you ever find you struggle with the right type of endurance training? We’re here to break it down for you! In this session we’ll go through the different energy systems and what sort of training you want to be doing depending on the length of route. We’ll touch on both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, discuss briefly training max power but really focus on an cap and how to train power endurance for those short UK routes, that give you no rests and also aero cap where you will be training for those long Spanish style enduro routes that have low intensity moves. We’ll show you the right level to train at for these systems, different methods e.g routes or circuit board and how to train efficiently if you're stuck for free time.

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Strength and Conditioning

Our coaches have worked hard to create an inspiring strength and conditioning session for climbers of all abilities. The workshop will be very practical - although we encourage you to take it at your own pace and rests are totally allowed!  The aim of the workshop is to show how strength and conditioning can be used to help support your climbing, so that your time at the wall can be more productive and more enjoyable. Then smile as you start ticking off those goals!


Climbers and researchers widely acknowledge that climbing performance is largely dependent on the strength of the finger flexor muscle, but how do you train this safely and effectively?  What are the different methods and when is it appropriate to use each?


With so many methods and different terminology around it is easy to get lost if you do not master the basics. In this workshop our expert coach will be taking you through:

  •  The basics so you can elaborate your own fingerboard training plan according to your training goals.

  •  How to safely and correctly perform dead-hangs, as well as the most popular finger training methods: Max Hangs (weighted versus minimum edge hangs) and Intermittent hangs (repeaters).

  •  Some tips for preventing finger injuries.


Acrobalance or acroyoga cultivates trust, playfulness, wellbeing and community. It is a practice where one (the 'flyer') is balanced or moved by another (the 'base') and can be therapeutic, gymnastic or expressive. Combining strength, movement, mobility and balance it complements climbing. A fun way to do some antagonist training and work your core whilst building trust with your climbing partner or making a new friend! All welcome from complete beginners to intermediate. Please come with or without a partner.

ClimbFlow Yoga

ClimbFlow is the unique dynamic yoga + functional fitness movement method providing an optimal workout for climbers. ClimbFlow champions that the attitude of "onwards & upwards" in mind as well as body. It's about taking lessons from the past and looking forward with progression in the whole self.

The method offers movement that is accessible yet challenging:  sequences develop strength, control, power & mobility from the core outwards. It provides excellent antagonistic work to repetitive "pulling" actions, whilst also delivering full-body integrated conditioning to get you stronger and fitter. 

ClimbFlow is the extra dimension of training for any climber or athlete looking to make functional gains in pursuit of their personal goals. See ClimbFlow in action here

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