This page is a collection of strategies, tactics and ideas discussed and gathered at Rachel Briggs' talk 'Finding Equilibrium' at WCS 2016, designed to help you to adapt your climbing when faced with changes to your life. To connect with other women on these topics, why not join our facebook group?


  • Time Organisation

  • Multitasking

  • Goal setting

  • Planning : climbing, non climbing, flexi

  • Focus

  • Belief and Confidence  

  • Listen to your body

  • Think outside the box

  • Prepare mentally as well as physically

  • ‘Me Time’ Mental wellbeing

  • Permission to stop or have down time

  • Focus on fewer things more intensely 



1. Babies

  • climb whilst its comfortable

  • get help from family/friend

  • make time to climb with partner

  • family trips to Fontainebleau

  • climb less

  •  juggling husband/work balance

  • Boulder at weekend with husband and baby

  • Training at home/garage

  • Other training strategies

  • Have fun

  • Gradually add climbing into life with baby over time

  • Be more independent with climbing


2. Pregnancy

  • Bouldering well within your comfort zone, with little risk

3. Children

  • Learnt to climb in a group/with other friend with families

  • Single pitch/bouldering in child friendly venues

  • Use time kids are in nursery/kindergarten

  • Get fingerboard

  • Become more relaxed with 2nd child



  • Knee replacement

  • Work on core

  • Work on weight loss

  • Do rehab

  • Find training to do on one foot

  • Top roping safe routes (little risk of nocking knee)

  • Shoulder Surgery

  • Did yoga

  • Went on trad adventures

  • Back injury

  • Saw PT which lead to stronger back, climbing more and stronger core

  • Use bouldering to de-stress

  • Use yoga to de-stress and as crosstraining for climbing

  • Use climbing to maintain fitness

Relationships and Friends
  • Try each other’s discipline of climbing ( eg do trad or bouldering together)

  • Try a new area of climbing together (eg do a training plan together or try a sport trip somewhere new)

  • Lost climbing partner which lead to changing climbing disciplines (wall, trad, sport, bouldering)

  • Needed new climbing partner; advertised for new one on Facebook women’s page

Career and Work
  • Trained at home

  • Thought more carefully about diet

  • Climb in holidays and weekends (when cant climb in week)

  • Keep fit in the gym

  • Got new friend into climbing

  • Changed or star new climbing discipline (wall, trad, sport, bouldering) to adapt to new location/job

  • Get out in evening and after work

  • Build board/gym in cella (sling training/fingerboard)

  • Use flexible plans for training, when working shift

  • Yoga at work

  • Make every session count

  • Look what different activities new areas might offer

  • Start own business

  • Incorporate climbing into business

  • Climb/train more regularly

  • Write training plan



  • Move near rocks/climbing wall

  • Visit new climbing areas

  • Put up pull up bar/finger board in new place

  • Used fingerboard more when moving away

  • Couldn’t climb as much in week; so went on longer climbing trips  

  • Relocate; embrace what new areas have to offer/ice climbing/crack climbing/bouldering walls

  • Embrace other sports when can’t get climbing; skiing/ running/cycled/ training to maintain fitness

  • Use climbing to focus you, make you more time efficient and build a schedule around