Our talks programme is the mainstay of this year's theme - 'Inspire'. Our three headline slots will lead the way, starting with the legendary pioneer, Lynn Hill. Eight super-psyched women will deliver focus talks on a range of topics requested by the WCS community. Each talk will provide inspiration, give you practical tips on how to turn that into a reality, and build in plenty of time for your questions.





Injuries are inevitable - or are they? Nina brings years of experience working with female climbers to help you understand how your body works and how to prevent it from being injured.


Her talk will cover:

  • Climbing-specific warm ups for indoor and outdoor bouldering and routes

  • Technique tips and things to look out for when climbing/pulling

  • The 'Practical Antagonist Routine for a Busy Lady'

  • How, when and why to use static stretches

  • Tips and ideas for climbing whilst pregnant/ post-birth.

Want to improve your trad skills and be inspired by the joys of the mountain environment? Join Sam as she introduces you to her 'Potential Pyramid' for successful and enjoyable trad climbing. Whether you're just venturing outside for the first time or are a old hand, this model gives you a defined set of processes that you can start implementing straight away. 

  • Technical: racking and practical skills.

  • Tactical: planning, making good choices, even when pumped!

  • Physical: positive movement, efficient and stress free climbing.

  • Psychological: training, preparation, breaking it down, managing fear.

Time to take your climbing to the next level but finding your head sometimes gets in the way? 

From fear of falling to fear of failure, Emma will inspire you to push through barriers, and take control of your climbing head game. 

Learn how the mind works, challenge your beliefs and question the subconscious intentions behind ‘fear’ behaviours. Take inspiration from stories of other women who have overcome obstacles and learn practical techniques to take away and apply in your own climbing headgame. 

If you’re looking to turn your passion into your profession, this is the talk for you! Many of us want to combine our love of climbing with a career in the outdoor industry, but how do you do it? Where do you begin?


To help you get started, Rab has put together a panel of amazing women to talk you through the wide range of opportunities out there and answer any questions you might have. With a wealth of experience, the panel is made up of ML course director Kristine Cruse, Rab’s PR Coordinator and Copywriter Hetty Key and Garment Technologist Lowri Cunnah, and freelance designer Julie Greengrass.

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