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WCS16: 10 Coached Workshops!

Those of you with a Full Ticket will have double the number of coached workshops available to choose from this year!

Each year we try to think of ways that we can make the WCS better so that everyone can get the most out of the day. As well as 5 coached climbing workshops we will also be offering 5 extra workshops. The climbing workshops are: Dynamic Climbing, Power Endurance, Steep Climbing, Footwork, and Volumes and Slopers. Our expert coaches will deliver these sessions with the aim of developing and inspiring your personal climbing.

New to the program this year we are offering a range of coached workshops that are a little bit different: Yoga for climbers, Mobility, Strength and Conditioning, Fingerboard, and Crack Climbing. These sessions have been developed from your feedback from previous events, and are designed to give you as much insight as possible in the one-hour time slot. So if you would like expert advice from our skilled coaches in these niche areas, look out for them on the workshop sign-up!

Naomi Buys talks jammin' in the Crack Climbing Workshop at WCS15


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