Our talks programme is the mainstay of this year's theme - '#myclimbingjourney'. Our three headline slots will lead the way, with further focus talks on a range of topics requested by the WCS community. Each talk will provide inspiration, give you practical tips on how to turn that into a reality, and build in plenty of time for your questions.








Anna Stöhr
Anna dominated the competition bouldering scene for a decade and is known for a devastating mix of power, technique, canniness and determination in her climbing. She is a double World Champion, double European Champion and has won the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Bouldering World Cup four times.
In recent years, Anna has taken her climbing journey in several new directions, bouldering 8B+ outside in Switzerland and USA in 2017, and skiing and climbing all over the world.
Beth Rodden
Beth’s climbing journey started in the flatlands of the Central Valley of California aged 14 at the local climbing gym. In the decade that followed she joined the legendary Lynn Hill on an expedition to Madagascar, escaped kidnappers in Kyrgyzstan, freed three routes on El Cap and established some of the hardest routes in the world, including Meltdown (5.14c) in 2008. In 2014 her son Theo joined the team and the adventure continues!
Caroline Ciavaldini
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Naomi Buys
Naomi has climbed since age 12, and has dabbled in many disciplines since then – trad, sport, bouldering and competitions. She has climbed sport 8b, trad E8 and bouldered 7C. Working part-time in a dental practice, Naomi and her husband Jordan enjoy climbing together on adventures around the UK and abroad.
Nina Williams
Sophie Whyte
Jen Slater
Climbing changed Jen’s life! She’s never had a better bunch of friends, career or respect for her own body since scaling walls became her favourite pastime. She created to record her experience of climbing whilst pregnant and now, as a new parent, to teach her daughter everything she’s learned from climbing.
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Canny Climbing: tips and tricks for a smoother climbing journey

"Life hacks" are those oh-so-simple and clever pieces of knowledge that save you time and energy in your day-to-day activities, which surely includes climbing.... Naomi Buys dispenses nuggets of wisdom collected over her 24 year climbing career,  covering a vast range of topics such as optimising your climbing partnerships, analysing conditions, mental calibration, skincare, coping with illness and injury, juggling disciplines and much, much more.


This talk is designed for those climbers who aim to improve their performance or achieve particular goals. That's most of us, right?

Fancy trying deep water soloing but have no idea where to start? Already into DWS but want to tune up some skills to be more efficient and push your boundaries?

Sophie and Tash will take you through everything you need to know - logistics, tides, safety, falling, heckling, what to pack, ideal first venues and routes, head game tips, and most importantly, plenty of inspiration.


If you ask nicely, they might also tell you how to take epic photos of yourself doing it :)

Considering adding motherhood to your journey? Already a mum and want to share stories and beta with like-minded climbing women? Just curious?


Join Jen for this fully interactive session hearing about baby Evelyn's climbing journey from unknown element in the Alps, through various adaptations to her mum's climbing, to the newest member of London Ladies Climb. 


There will be plenty of time for discussion, questions, and some practical challenges for those who wish to have a go!

Isabella Walsh
Lucinda Whittaker
Tessa Lyons
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My Climbing Journey
How to train

Follow Isabella's climbing journey from a complete beginner in her university climbing club to GB Paraclimber. Features juggling intense training, with being in a long term relationship, whilst trying to maintain semi-decent grades and keep herself sane - the real question is 'what won't be included in this talk?!

A discussion-led workshop on the basic principles of training and how to implement it into your busy life. Bring your questions and problems and top coach Lucinda Whittaker and sports specialist Emma Flaherty will solve them!

Vertebrate presents: exploring fear through making

Many parallels can be drawn between the act of climbing and the act of drawing. In this session Tessa will take you into the creative process to help explore the irrational fears that can sometimes hold us back. No drawing expertise required - it is about the process rather than the outcome!

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