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Introducing: Paraclimbing London

#WCS17 headliner Anoushé Husain tells WCS more about Paraclimbing London, an exciting new social initiative for differently abled climbers with any sort of disability, visible or invisible including cancer and mental health. Why did you set up Paraclimbing London? I've been climbing for a while and until I went to my first paraclimbing competitions, I had never met another paraclimber. That experience of being with other differently-abled climbers was amazing. None of us were the same but we had so much in common. The atmosphere felt safe, welcoming and when I came back to train in London, I realised I missed it. Having talked to other paraclimbers, one of the main things they would all say

Interview: Naomi Cokell

#WCS17 speaker Naomi Cokell has had an amazing start to 2018 sending the uber-classics of Megalithe and Brad Pit (both f7C+), all with three small children in tow. In this interview she takes us through her top tips for climbing after childbirth, managing children at the crag, having fun as a family and still finding the opportunity to push her limits. Before you had your first child, what concerns did you have on how it might affect your climbing? At the time we didn’t have any close climbing friends with children and so I really had no idea how easy it would be to get back climbing. Obviously the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on my body was a concern, as was looking after a child at t

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