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Interview: Gracie Martin

Up-and-coming talent Gracie Martin talks to WCS about her successful 2016-17 season, how she got there and the big decisions she had to make along the way. You've had quite a big year…tell us more about the last 12 months… Last January I started training regularly with Shauna and Leah and a coach in Liverpool every week. It was hard to get used to as I was finishing college at the time. Mentally, going full time is a big step and that happened in May/June - you have a 'wait...this is my job? This is how I’m trying to make money!' moment. I still find it funny when I tell people my job is being a climber. You have to have a lot of faith and belief in yourself that you can make it work especia

Inspiration and momentum: Women's Winter Weekend

Having spent the past week, unpacking, drying, re-proofing and shaking off mud and turf from my kit, I realise I have carried away more than just mud from the mountains. Women’s Winter Weekend has left me filled with inspiration and stories. Words and photos: Jessie Leong I feel hugely privileged to be invited to spend the past weekend in a challenging mountainous environment photographing the Women’s Winter Weekend at Glenmore Lodge - and loved every bit of it. The biggest thing I have taken away is not just hundreds of images of the female participants enjoying the various winter experiences on offer, but the argument that events such as women’s events offer an invaluable choice and optio

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